Am I Wasting My Time?

Recently, I have spent a decent chunk of time reading various online blogs. These blogs are not about any specific subject, but they are all the work of teens who love writing and excel at it: so I find them highly entertaining, and spend too much time reading them. At times I have wondered whether this habit of mine is becoming a more refined substitute for a computer-game or television addiction (albeit a mild one). Should I unsubscribe from these blogs and break the habit?

But today, when I was thinking about this, I realised that I have learnt a lot of useful things in my time subscribing to blogs. And I have never thought that learning useful things was a waste of time. As long as I am efficient with my blog-reading then, I have decided, it is actually quite a good thing to do. It is not time wasted – it is time in which I learn, and I think. As long as I don’t read posts while I am trying to concentrate on Science, or think out long-winded comments (which never eventuate) while I’m trying to read a book, time spent reading well-written and thought-provoking blogs is time well spent. From taking in all this knowledge, I will eventually gain wisdom; and wisdom is awesome.

I have learnt so many things from the blogs I have read: I have learnt about writing in third person omniscient; I have learnt that it is better not to “info-load” your readers with description, but to work description into the flow of the story; I have learnt that it is good to tighten sentences where possible; I have learnt the difference between an introduction, a prologue, and a first chapter; I am learning how better to review and analyse books (though I still suck at it) by watching the experts do it. In these and so many other topics I have gained knowledge from my fellow teens. Do I still think I am wasting time? So long as I keep things efficient — and don’t follow every blog that exists — the answer is definitely no.

And since mere head-knowledge never did anyone any good, I will continue to write my own blog — to put some of this stuff into practice.


About Leinad

Leinad, also known as Keras the Unknown (Keras for short), also known as Thevarul, is an MK who likes to run, read, write and play board-games.

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  1. Agreed. I have learned many things and met all sorts of people by reading the blogs of others. It make take up some time, but eventually it’s all worth it. =]

  2. Sounds like a good plan. And I’m not just saying that to keep you reading my blog…

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