The Shine On Award

The Shine On Award Badge


Well, well, well, who would have thought I was so interesting? I have been the recipient of a second blog-award! The most generous benefactor of this prize was Nevillegirl (there was no least generous benefactor today), whose wonderful blog you should be able to find by clicking on the link. She actually nominated me several days ago, but I have had a terrible time trying to connect to the WordPress server of late — that and I’ve had a  lot of schoolwork — so that’s why I haven’t posted until now.

Like most awards this one has several rules (they’re terribly legalistic…), and I must post them here.


(1) Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

(2) Post the badge on your blog.

(3) Answer the questions posed to you.

(4) Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.

(5) Issue ten questions you’d like them to answer.

Rules one and two ticked off, I’ll commence with answering the ten questions.

(1) What do your shoes look like? Well the shoes I wear most of the time are imitation Havannas thongs, a size too big for my feet. Before I started wearing these I had a pair of the mass-produced featureless fits-all-feet $2 thongs, but someone took one of them by mistake and left one of theirs — which were too small and even dirtier than mine. Suffice to say, I upgraded to the imitation Havannas.

(2) What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard someone say lately? That’s a difficult question. Perhaps my sister, just an hour ago, who said “I didn’t know ‘excusez moi’ was French!” — to which my Mum said, “Is it really!?”. However I shouldn’t make fun of them because they are much better at languages than I am.

(3) What’s the strangest thing you’ve said lately? That’s also a difficult question, but perhaps this: “When you’re exhausted, it’s amazing how refreshing a good run can be.”

(4) What is your current computer wallpaper? Boringly, it’s the default desktop picture for Mac OS X Lion — but it’s a really nice picture. It’s of the Andromeda Galaxy.

(5) What do you remember about your very first day of school? Alas I remember nothing of it…

(6) Who is your favo[u]rite character — that you’ve created? Simlon the Explorer. He comes into my first two novels, but though I really like him and he’s an amazing guy with a cool background, he’s a bit of a mystery in the story and quite irrelevant. A bit of a Tom Bombadil.

(7) What would be your survival strategy in the Hunger Games? That is a difficult question. (is that response getting clichéd by now?) I utterly loathe the idea of a Hunger Games and would be mortally terrified of entering one. Knowing me, I would probably spend the whole time running from everyone else and hiding. In the end I would probably get killed by Tracker Jackers or mutts. Or maybe an arrow.

(8) What song are you listening to right now? Confession time. I rarely listen to music while I write. But I thought it would be interesting to listen to music while I write this post, on shuffle, to see what I’d get up to by this question. Currently it’s In A Little While”, by U2.

(9) What’s the scariest book you’ve ever read? Hmm… it’s hard to say, but The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, by Agatha Christie was scary in a unique way — it wasn’t very intense at all, but I was quite shaken when I figured out who the murderer was. It didn’t help that I was reading in bed.

(10) What’s behind you? If I moved out of the line of sight of the computer camera and took a photo, I would have a near-perfect replica of my Gravatar. That’s what’s behind me.

Now I ask ten questions:

(1) What is the most recent book you’ve read that you really liked?

(2) What was the most recent song you’ve heard that you really liked?

(3) What was the most recent film you’ve watched that you really liked?

(4) What was the first (imaginary) world that you created?

(5) What is your favourite genre to write?

(6) Excluding people you know personally, who are some of your heroes?

(7) Which do you value more, your hearing or sight (would you rather not be blind or not be deaf)?

(8) Do you rather a hot climate or a cold climate?

(9) Would you rather spend an afternoon playing boardgames or sport?

(10) Do you like Maths?

Finally time to nominate my five people.

Here, I am afraid, I am about to break the rules. There are only two blogs that I often comment on, and the author of one has given me the award. As such there will be only one nominee today, and he is Liam, Head Phil. Now of course Liam doesn’t like awards very much, and since he is posting less regularly now he probably won’t want to use up one of his posts on an award. Nevertheless, it is here for him if he wants it, and if he doesn’t want the bother of answering questions and nominating people — that’s fine. I think it’s a particularly relevant award for him, since he is posting less often now and we all want him to keep on shining from time to time (which he has been, fortunately).

Anyway, thank you all, and goodnight.


About Leinad

Leinad, also known as Keras the Unknown (Keras for short), also known as Thevarul, is an MK who likes to run, read, write and play board-games.

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  1. Hello. I know I’m late, but I’m still earlier than your notification, so I didn’t do too badly. Thank you very much for the award, though I regret to say that… hold on a second… These questions are great. I might just… Yep, you got me. Sorry for all the incomplete sentences, but I need to accept this award. I’ve never had it before, and since I’m the only nominee, I might as well. Thanks!

  2. Just noticed something.

    Nice Gravatar thingy. I know what an MK is, but not exactly Keras the Unknown.

    Although Google is handy. 😉

    • Well, I suppose it’s fitting that nobody seems to know who Keras the Unknown is… But Google is indeed handy. You never have to ask anybody anything anymore, which is sometimes nice.

      And thanks, it’s quite a random Gravatar but I like it.

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