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This is not a posthumous award

Hi everyone. Apologies if you thought I was dead: I know that I have not blogged in an very long time (it must be pushing two months by now). Neither am I an impostor taking the place of Leinad (or Keras the Unknown, we are one and the same). I am alive and well, I have merely been rather busy for the past two months, and since I am not as industrious as some people, the result has been a temporary absence from the blogosphere. Ironically my first post in such a long time is during the SIL conference, one of the busiest (and most fun) weeks of the year for me. Today I am here to accept the Liebster Award from my fellow MK, Kittipurrik, whose wonderful blog you can find by following this link. Thanks Kittipurrik!

Since I have only 63% of the computer’s battery with which to finish this post, let’s be brief. As with all of these most legalistic awards, this one has many rules. Nominees must:

– post eleven facts about themselves
– answer the eleven questions they’ve been asked
– nominate eleven other blogs and ask them eleven questions of their own.
– display the Liebster award.

Here are some facts about me:

1. I am a male.

2. I am 15 years old.

3. I’m never quite sure whether I am more of an english person or a maths person.

4. Three months ago, when I was blogging fairly often, I thought I was more of an english person.

5. One month ago, when I was getting good marks in maths but struggling with essays, I thought I was an maths person.

6. Now, having done quite badly in a maths exam (I do school by distance education now, so I have exams, alas…) and having started to get the hang of the essays, I am beginning to think I’m an english person again.

7. I plan to do Camp NaNo this month.

8. I have not started writing my novel yet, I am saving it for when I am on holidays for two weeks, starting on the 12th.

9. I have three younger sisters.

10. I do not have any brothers.

11. Until 13 months ago I was the only male grandchild for both sets of grandparents.

And now the 11 questions asked of me by Kittipurrik:

1. What are your feelings on cats?

Unlike Kittipurrik, I do not claim to be a cat, but I regard the domestic cat as a desirable pet —unlike the domestic dog (forgive me, dog-lovers, but it is a fact of life that runners and dogs do not get along). Wild cats are very interesting creatures too.

2. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in a dream?

I’m afraid I cannot say…. I dreamt about Yaklaom lake once, and that is a beautiful thing in real life, so perhaps it would count.

3. What are you most proud of teaching yourself?

Most recently, juggling. One of my sisters made me three hacky-sacks for Christmas and I spent the next week teaching my very uncoordinated self to juggle. It is a fun skill to have.

4. What would you most like to learn about?

This is another difficult question because I want to learn about so many things that it is very difficult to narrow them down. A few things which I dearly want to learn about include: how to speak Khmer; Australian history; Cambodian history; and the geography of Myanmar, knowledge of which I am sadly lacking.

5. If you grew up isolated on an island, what do you think you would be like?

Even more quiet than I am already; lacking in world-perspective; rather less lacking in survival skills.

6. What qualities do you hope your offspring will have the most of?

Peacefulness; diligence; humility.

7. Do you like snow?

I do very much like snow, although I have only seen it three or four times in my life. Nevertheless I do not believe I would wish to live in a place which has a lot of snow, because I do not like long periods of very cold weather.

8. What would you change about the world if you could do so in the blink of an eye?

I don’t know… get rid of sin?

9. What would you keep the same?

Hills and mountains.

10. What is the best reaction to anything you’ve ever gotten out of something?

I don’t really know.

11. Does this eleven bother you much?

Not really. Prime numbers are cool, and eleven is no exception.

And now, with my 52% battery, I must think of 11 questions to ask my nominees.

1. Do you prefer hills, or flats?

2. Do you prefer forests, or grasslands?

3. What are your thoughts on trigonometry?

4. What are your thoughts on grammar?

5. Which do you like best: running, swimming or cycling?

6. Which of the three do you like least?

7. Have you ever been on an aeroplane?

8. Have you ever been out of your home country?

9. What is your ideal climate?

10. How important is climate to your comfort?

11. Does this eleven bother you much?

I am only going to nominate two bloggers today (yes I know, I am breaking the rules, tough). If I follow you, but I have not nominated you, that does not mean I don’t like your blog — it means that I doubt if you would be interested in an award like this.

The two nominees are:

Nevillegirl, at Musings from Neville’s Navel.

Miriam Joy, at Miriam Joy Writes.

Well, that’s all and I still have 39% battery. Nevertheless I need to use it to check for typos and notify my nominees. See you again, hopefully, in less than two months this time.

*Note: the internet cut off just before I could publish this, but after I notified Nevillegirl and Miriam. If you are Miriam or Nevillegirl and you came to find this but did not — apologies.