Leinad, also known as Keras the Unknown, also known as Thevarul, is a Christian teenage reader, writer, runner, board-game player and MK whose similarity to Gandalf goes slightly further than having a lot of names. This extra similarity is that he, like the famed wizard, is very irregular and is prone to disappearing from a place for months on end — only to reappear when least expected.

Leinad has been home-schooled for most of his life, and he’s proud of it, but recently he joined the Australian public school system from a distance. He has just completed his 12th year of school (Year 11), his first in the public school system, and his major academic achievements during that time include writing an essay which his Economics teacher said was “very interesting to read”, and writing a creative piece which his English teacher said was “funny”.

Other (less academic) achievements during the year include learning how to juggle; reading The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin (thus qualifying as a Tolkien-nerd); and getting his 3 K and 5 K Personal Bests to a level he is pleased with.

The year has not been without disappointments, however, as this blog has almost died from lack of nourishment and his Khmer language, far from improving, has deteriorated. Still, what else could his final year of school be for but for renovating his blog and getting his Khmer up to speed? Studying for the HSC exams, you say? Surely just because the HSC contributed to one in eleven suicides among Australian adolescents in 2003 doesn’t mean studying for it takes that much time!

What books does Leinad like to read? All sorts. The very best news he has ever read is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, found in the Bible. His favourite translation of the Bible is the New Living Translation, by virtue of its understandability to normal English speakers, coupled with its effort to translate things properly. In terms of favourite genres, fantasy is probably the trump suit, but he is not in the least exclusive (even if you’ll never convince him to read Twilight). In recent years he has found, to his surprise, that many “classics” — which he presumed earned their title by virtue of their supreme dullness — are in fact very good books. Some of these include Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen; Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad; and To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Nonfiction often succeeds in keeping him entertained too, with Roald Dahl’s Boy and Going Solo, Ralph Moody’s Little Britches and sequels, and Ron Snell’s Rani Adventures all doing a fine job. His current two favourite authors are probably J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling, although authors which have been previously ranked at the top (and whom he still enjoys) include Roald Dahl, Emily Rodda and C.S Lewis. Authors whom he has recently discovered and thoroughly enjoys include Cornelia Funke, Trenton Lee Stewart, Gary Schmidt and William Shakespeare.

If you like reading or writing, hang out here and read anything Leinad’s meandering mind happens to come up with! He will post book reviews, thoughts on writing, short stories, and a bit of anything else that he thinks should exist here, hopefully once or twice a week (though his similarity to Gandalf should not be forgotten). If you find what he says useful, good! If not, please tell him why (avoiding offensive language or unsavoury topics) and thus increase his wisdom (which is rather lacking). In fact, please comment on his posts regardless, because, quite apart from his desire to gain wisdom, he loves comments.

So whether you’re from New Zealand, or South Sudan, or the Vatican City, if you have an excess of time, feel free to spend it here.

  1. By MK do you mean missionary kid? I know of no other meaning for “MK”, and if so, I was for half of my life as well :3

  2. Indeed I do! Wow it’s nice to stumble across fellow missionary kids (or former missionary kids).

    I really should update the “about” page: I wrote it the day I started this blog and haven’t changed it since…

  3. May I ask where? I was in Papua New Guinea ^.^
    My family came on furlough in 2002, I believe, and then we ended up retiring due to complications. So it’s just all my childhood memories :3

    • Cambodia : ) We’ve lived here for the last 11 years discounting furloughs. Papua New Guinea is not a world away, and I’ve read a few missionary books set there, but I haven’t been there yet ; )

  4. From what I remember its beautiful. I miss my childhood there very much.
    I don’t recall much from my parent’s mission work though :p
    We went with New Tribes.

  5. Fellow MK! I’ve decided that you deserve an award.
    Details lie within:

  6. I recently found your blog through BlueBelle. And must say, I’m impressed you admit, not only to reading, but also liking Pride and Prejudice. Well done. If you want to go a step further, Emma, by the same author is even better. (IMO)
    Keep up the blogging!

    • Hi, thanks. It is kind of a shame though, isn’t it, that reading is becoming something people “admit” to doing? Luckily for me I have a lot of friends who also like reading, so I don’t feel too weird most of the time. But even if I didn’t have friends who liked reading, I still would.

      Thanks for the recommendation. I might read Emma next time I want to read a Jane Austen. (Actually, I think the next will be Northanger Abbey, because I have to read that one for school, but Emma will probably be the next one I read for pleasure.)

  7. I found this blog from Liam’s blog and it seems nice. Nice to see that your a runner, I’m working on being a good one. I’m a Christian too. Though I have yet to read all your posts, the ones I have read are nice.

    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far (and honoured that you would even consider reading all of them). I’m afraid I post all too infrequently these days (my most common excuse is that I’m too busy, though I do drag in other ones in from time to time: “travelling”, “uninspired”, “sick”), but I have a list of post ideas that I want to write out when I have time.

      Isn’t running wonderful? Are you more of a sprinter or a long-distance runner?

      Thanks for visiting.

  8. I find reading blog posts is an excellent method of procrastinating. 😛

    Yes, it is. I’m kind of in between. I’m practicing for a 4K, but my goal is 10K.

    • Sorry I didn’t reply to this comment for a while, I had difficulty connecting to WordPress. Reading blog posts is certainly a great way to procrastinate.

      I like middle to long distances too. Mainly longer distances though — the shorter ones are a bit too fast. (10K is a good goal, by the way — it happens to be my favourite racing distance)

  9. I find I’m better at shorter distances, but maybe I just have to practice more.
    Ah, nice. I personally prefer 1k-3k.

    • To a point, practice and training will increase your optimum distance, but it depends a lot on your personal preference, I think. My sister was always best at 400 m and 800 m, even when she was running 3-4+ times a week.

  10. Hello! Nice to meet you! 😀 Reading The Silmarillion is quite an accomplishment! I’m ashamed to admit I have no memory of the Tolkien books except for Thorin. My dad read them to me when I was five. 😛 To Kill A Mockingbird was very good, too. I shall let you have your blog back now. 😉

    • Hello! The Silmarillion is certainly not the most accessible of Tolkien’s books, so I wouldn’t recommend starting with that one. If you want some assistance in getting into the Lord of the Rings, I would highly recommend Rob Ingles audio version of it — I absolutely loved that.

      No need to be restrained on this blog 😉 Use it as much as you like, comment it to death (not literally), I love comments!

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